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Putting you in control of your shortlist.

At SimplyInterims.com we have created a unique process to link employers or recruiters looking for Interims/Consultants/Contractors or Temporary Managers who are immediately available and match the Key Skills required. We have put you in control of the process. Quickly and easily create your shortlist and invite the candidates who match in terms of location, cost and Key Skills to view the role and confirm their interest. You only see candidates who are available and only pay at the point they accept your invitation.

How it Works


Create your role

Create your role on the site - N.B. Only candidates you invite after searching will see the job post. No being inundated with C.V's


Search Candidates

Quickly and easily search our extensive database of Available candidates matching your requirements and Key Skills. Your shortlist will be ranked by a scoring of all matching Key Skills


Select Candidates

You can view the profiles of candidates on your shortlist, refine your search and then select those you want to invite to view/ confirm interest in the role. You pay only for those candidates who accept your invitation - all invitations declined or not accepted within 48 hours are credited back to your account.

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Schedule Interview

Once a candidate accepts your invitation your can see contact details and they will be expecting you to contact to arrange interview etc.


Provide Feedback

Once you have spoken to them you can provide both written feedback (seen only by them) and score them with reference to how well they have demonstrated the key skills claimed. In this way you improve the ranking process for the future as well as easing the all important feedback process.

Detailed Process

  • 01
    Having registered with the site and confirmed your email address you will receive notification from the site admin team that you are good to go. At this point you can use our template to create your job/ role and save it to the site. No-one can see the role at this point so you will not be inundated with CV's, calls etc.
  • 02
    Having created the role you move on to search for the candidates who match your criteria. Some are simply in or out criteria, for remuneration you will be asked to enter a range and candidates will be filtered such that their requirement falls within this range.
  • 03
    The most important part of the process is to list the key skills you require. As you enter a key skill you will be prompted by matching existing entries - selecting these means that you will be seeing candidates who have already entered these key skills. You will be presented with a list of matching candidates ranked according to the combined feedback score for all the key skills they have which match your search. N.B. All candidates are prompted every 14 days to renew their available status and moved to unavailable if they do not. In this way we try to ensure that your shortlist are all available.
  • 04
    From your search results view the profiles of each candidate and invite the ones that interest you to view the role and confirm their interest. You will use your SimplyInterims.com credits to pay for invitations but only those who accept are confirmed as debited from your account. Those that decline or those which are unanswered within 48 hours are re-credited to your account automatically.
  • 05
    Once you receive confirmations of interest from invited candidates you will be able to see their contact details and arrange interviews. Having completed the interviews please do not forget that you can provide both written feedback and score how you perceive they demonstrated each of their claimed Key Skills. This part of the process is again quick and easy and both helps the candidate to improve and drives the search algorithm to be more effective.