Why engage with the Simply Interims feedback process.

Posted May 05 ,2020

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Feedbacks are a Win-Win

Today I want to run through the advantages of engaging with the Simply Interims feedback process, both for you and for us.

Feedbacks are essentially a way of inviting interim colleagues to rate your performance at each of your key skills. When they agree to provide feedback they will be presented with a screen like this.

scoring matrixBy simply clicking on the grid they will rate you against each Key Skill and this will drive your ranking in searches on the site for each of those key skills. So when an employer carries out a search for one or more of those key skills your ranking in the search results will depend on

1. How many of the searched key skills you match

2. How many feedbacks and what ratings you have for each matching feedback.


Some Very Important Points

A. We recommend that you contact anyone you are going to invite first to let them know the email invitation will be coming. This does several things - It increases the chances they will open the email, it provides a check you have the email address correct and it reassures them of the validity of the invitation.

B. There is no such thing as a negative feedback. A zero would simply mean that the person giving the feedback did not have knowledge of how you perform against that feedback (This is made clear when they are invited to feed back).

C. A searching employer/recruiter will not see the individual scores - they merely see an aggregated score which begins as a 1 for a match and is increased by a factor based on the number of feedbacks and the average score received.

So the main reason to start to invite other interims to provide feedback is to drive your search ranking. Without any feedbacks you will inevitably fall lower in search than those who have feedbacks. Your search ranking is in your hands.

Why else should you start to invite those feedbacks.

1. Don't forget the competition. The person who has the most successfully registered invited interims on Friday 22nd May 2020 will win accommodation for themselves and their family (couple and up to 3 children) in a superb apartment in beautiful Sardinia.

Details Here

2. It helps us grow our membership. At the moment we are gaining members quite rapidly through promoting the service but it's organic growth. If every registered interim invites just two others to join the site then we move into exponential growth. To use an analogy with what is on all our minds at the moment - our "infectivity" rate, our R factor becomes close to 2.

The sooner we have a critical number of registered interims the sooner we can launch the site to employers/recruiters and start to benefit us all.

The full process for sending an invitation to feedback is 


That's all for now, thanks for reading.

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